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29-Mar-2020 10:23

When I started online dating, it was fantastic in most ways.

We all have that one ridiculous angle that makes us look like we're Angelina Jolie in her prime (which was , BTW), and that's great, but if this person can't recognize you when you meet in person because in person you look more like Wednesday Addams, choose another photo.

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Or it seems like they do want what you want, but then you meet them in person and whoa, it's different.

Plus, that's when you get to the best part of online dating: not doing it anymore.

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It is situated in a strategic location on a rocky spur overlooking the Upper Rhine Plain as a result it was used by successive powers from the Middle Ages until the Thirty Years' War when it was abandoned.

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When I first started online dating, I was disabling my profile all the time.

Here are some tips I've gathered over the years to help you know what to look for in someone else's profile that'll save you a lot of bad dates in the long run.

Likeminded people seek likeminded people a lot of the time.