Xbox 360 not updating properly

08-May-2020 18:04

I am using Windows 10 and I have been using my Xbox 360 Wired controller for some time now.

I've been playing a game called Rocket League and in the middle of the match my controller stopped working.

Cleaning your Xbox One’s laser lens should be done at least once a month.

And no, you’re not going to be taking the Xbox apart and jamming a Swiffer Swoosher in there.

An open tray error or a malfunction can still happen.

To avoid errors with where you insert the disc, make sure the insert area is dust-free, and the disc slides in without any resistance or strange noises.

A disc read error should not resort to a little brother punching session… If your Xbox One won’t read discs, consider the following process of elimination.

In order for that disc to read properly on your Xbox One, several things need to be in place: Even on a brand new system, one little issue with the disc or hardware can send you back to the days of Pong. Fingers should not touch the shiny side (aka the data layer) of your Blu-ray game or movie.

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The moment that entertainment stops is usually one where a disc is involved.

Your new game discs will appear clean, yet none of them seem to work. If the laser lens cannot properly read the content on the bottom of any of your Blu-ray discs, than you have narrowed down the problem.

Time to clean the laser lens, or as game system experts call it: the ol’ laser treatment.

These discs claim to do the same thing – but we are recommending the Clean Dr brand for the following reasons: That is Clean Dr for Blu-ray in a nutshell.

Give it a try before you go and try to return your Xbox at the store or get on the phone with Microsoft support (**cringe**).

I’ve covered Xbox 360 disc read errors and Red Ring of Death in the past.

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