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06-May-2020 13:18

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The bonds we share help us get through difficult times as a family. We find ourselves grateful now for the times we are alone as a couple but also blessed when we have a full house of grandkids and family. When we reflect on family gatherings rarely do we recall the great décor at Grandma or Papa’s house; what we do recall are the fun times, the laughter, the meals, the special treats, the people.It is the desire to be with family that brings us together.It's natural to feel that way when your children leave home, although many threaten to have a huge party to celebrate!As parents, whether single or partnered we pour much of our energy into raising our children and when they leave the impact is very painful and difficult to work through.

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This is the ultimate price that single moms and dads pay- loneliness once the children leave. There is plenty of assistance available to cope with feeling lonely and perhaps depressed.While the house is alive with kids that come and go and are in constant need of this or that, the single parent is needed and his or her worth is validated.