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29-Oct-2020 10:29

Over the years, I’ve met some remarkable women who have taught me more about life, love and happiness than I ever thought possible. I see women near my age when I want to talk and cuddle. I love giving oral, and if I use up my time doing that no one is going to complain.The only parties that know are the providers and the sexual health clinic (I believe that it’s a clients responsibility to get regular health screenings – it’s not just the responsibility of the provider – we’re all in this together) I don’t go out in the evenings much. To know that she will do what I request, within reason. I take a lot of medication and with that comes a drop in libido and even a loss of size in important areas. I began seeing sex workers in my teens when I was struggling with my sexuality, and like all teenage boys, I never thought I would get a girlfriend.I try to budget myself; roughly once a month, depending on schedule and funds.It’s clear each one has a story to tell, and I’ve loved hearing all the responses.Don’t worry, I’ll probably write another blog about that very soon.

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So late on the Saturday night we all split up and wandered through the glass doorways which have women posing behind them.Some of my social circle know I pay for sex, but I’m not sure they believe it when I tell them I’m thinking of visiting an escort.Being a bisexual male is a bigger deal for me – I don’t tell people that.I am a single father so I am unlikely to meet anyone in bars etc. This was pre-internet 1980s so it was still walk up to girls in bars rather than swipe right.

I have had one woman who refused me an outcall because she knows too many people in the village I live and didn’t want to be seen. I would use gay saunas if I wanted to have sex with a guy, or a massage parlour if I thought I was straight.

What I’ve found is that sex workers enable a ‘zone’, a safe haven, in this stress filled world that I live in, where I can expose myself, both physically and emotionally, free of criticism, judgment or ridicule.