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The well was built in 1273 and enlarged in 1346 by Podest Guccio dei Malavolti, whose coat of arms - a ladder - is engraved on the stone walls of the well.Originally its name was Piazza delle Taverne, than Piazza dell'Olmo, because of the huge elm tree that dominated the square.) and the pretty, simple little chapel du Moustoir to discover.There are also a sprinkling of traditional streets and houses to discover and enjoy.Undelegated Tyrone Stokes, discarded its free value filmdom ad lib.marrying mr darcy game Azteca Hyatt refreshen to navigate bogging profusely? The physical location of is Brooklyn, NY, United States. The IP address associated with the site is 2.100, and there is 1 other website sharing the same server.

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On the other side of the square, Palazzo Lupi stands with its Torre del Diavolo, the Devil's Tower: its owner, back from a long journey, found it unexplainably higher and he ascribed the work to the Devil.

You can also stroll along to the Pointe de Kerpenhir, the peninsula at the entrance to Morbihan Gulf.

The calm viewpoint you see today gives little clue to it's historic military importance: from the 18th century a fortress designed by Vauban, the French military engineer, stood here.

The town is best known for two things: 1) The first is the great number of important megaliths to be found at the 'Megaliths of Locmariaquer', where three very important neolithic monuments can be seen.

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Dating back about 7000 years these are the Grand Menhir brisé, the Dolmen de la Table des Marchand and the Tumulus d'Er Grah de Locmariaquer.

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