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The other leading families of Connaught at this time were: Mac Hugh, (Mac) Egan, Mac Brennan, Mac Hale, (Mac) Cunneen, (Mac) Conneely, Gaffney, (Mac) Conroy, Mac Dermot, Mac Donagh, Keogh , Mac Manus, (Mac) Garry, (O) Boland, Coyne, (O) Cannon, (O) Cahill, (O) Keane , (O) Kelly, (O) Canavan, (O) Carney , (O) Kenny, (O) Clery, Coleman, (O) Coffey, Quigley, Conlon, (O) Conway, (O) Connelly, Conlon, (O) Cosgrave, Coogan, (O) Coolihan, (O) Curran, (O) Devlin, (O) Donnell, (O) Donlan, (O) Donohoe, (O) Duggan, (O) Dowd, Dolan, (O) Downey, (O) Fallon, Fahy, (O) Feeney, (O) Finn, Finnegan, (O), Flannery, O’Gara, (O) Glavin, (O) Hanley, O’Hara, (O)Henaghhan, (O) Hynes, (O) Horan, (O) Lavin, (O) Lynch, (O) Malley, Mannion, Molloy, Mullan, O’Mullally, Moran, Murray, Morris, (O) Ratigan, (O) Shaughnessy, (O) Tarpy, (O) Tierney, (O) Kilkelly, (O) Carney, (O) Gaughan, (O) Murphy and Mac Clancy.Note: Some of these surnames may have evolved shortly after 1150AD.Airgialla (later also known as Oriel in English and covering Counties Armagh, Louth and Monaghan) was an unusual case – it was really a federation of smaller kingdoms rather than a kin group.The Kingship rotated among the various tribes and at the time of Turlough was held by Donnchadh Ua Cearbaill (O’Carroll).

Other leading families of Laigin were: Fitzpatrick, O’Larkin, Kavanagh, O’ Brennan, O’Cullen, O’Doran, O’Nolan, O’Ryan, Fitz Dermot, O’Toole, O’Byrne, O’Carey, Mac Keogh, Phelan, (Mac)Breen, O’Kelly, O’Coveney, O’Carroll, O’More, O’Devoy, O’Duff, O’Dempsey, O’Tracy, O’Gorman, O’Dowling, O’Cosgrave, (O)Rafter and Murphy.Tuadh Mumhan (nowadays known as Thomond and covering the counties of Clare, Limerick, North Tipperary) become a separate Kingdom within the province of Mumhan (Munster) as the powerful tribe of the Dál g Cais rose to power.The most famous member of this tribe being Brian Boru and the first High King of Ireland in reality.From these individuals came the tribes of Cenél Eóghain and Cenél Conaill who established themselves as lords in northwestern Ulster.

Over time, the Cenél Eóghain gained prominence and they expanded into what are modern counties Derry and Tyrone.

Other leading families of Desmumu were: Mac Auliffe, Mac Gillycuddy, (Mac) Cotter, (O) Canty, O) Brosnan, (O) Keefe, (O) Cahill, (O) Callaghan, Carey, (O) Coffey, (O) Coughlan, Connolly, (O) Connell, (O) Cronin, (O) Crowley, Cuddihy, (O) Cullinane, (O) Quill, (O) Collins, (O) Dorgan, (O) Dwane, (O) Donegan, (O) Donoghue, (O) Duggan, (O) Doheny, (O) Dennehy, (O) Dinneen, (O) Downey, (O) Falvey, (O) Phelan, (O) Field, (O) Flynn, Foley, Foran, Forde, (O) Garvey, Griffin, (O) Hea, (O) Hennessy, Healey, (O) Driscoll, (O) Hurley, Harrington, (O) Noonan, Green, (O) Leahy, (O) Leary, Lehane, Mannix, Mullins, (O) Mahony, (O) Meehan, (O) Moriarty, (O) Riordan, (O) Scanlan, (O) Shea, (O) Sullivan, (O) Tracy, (O) Twomey, (O) Duggan, (O) Kennedy, (O) Cagney, (O) Leary, (O) Dullea, (O) Coffey, (O) Cowhig, (O) Cullinane and (O) Driscoll.