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The title of this book in the Hebrew text is all of verse 1. C.) gave it the name "Ekklesiastes," from which the English title is a transliteration. "A Theology of the Wisdom Books and the Song of Songs." In A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament, pp.

Ecclesiastes definitely teaches the second." "Ecclesiastes does not pretend to preach the Gospel. 12:5]." In A Tribute to Gleason Archer: Essays on the Old Testament, pp.

Rather, it encourages the reader to a God-centered worldview rather than falling victim to frustrations and unanswered questions.

None of its contents has to be rejected in the light of the NT. The concluding summary 12:8-14 I believe that the message of Ecclesiastes is essentially a positive one.

Although the NT revelation is vastly greater than that in Ecclesiastes, the two are not devoid of similarities (e.g., James -17). This may seem strange since the temporary nature of various human endeavors is such a major theme of this book.

Both Jewish and Christian interpreters believed Solomon was the writer until the eighteenth century. the tradition that King Solomon is the great Biblical author is no longer airily dismissed as a figment of the folk-imagination." "The difficulty is that the linguistic data show that Ecclesiastes does not fit into any known section of the history of the Hebrew language. He then wrote a brief conclusion, calling his son to pursue a proper relationship with God (12:8-14).

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The Hebrew word designates a leader who speaks before an assembly of people. However, the fact that the article is present on the Hebrew word in 12:8, and perhaps in , seems to indicate that qohelet is a title: "the preacher" or "the teacher" or "the assembler" or "the convener." Internal references point to Solomon as this preacher (cf. Evidently he used the name "Qohelet" as a pen name. "Ecclesiastes is best placed after his apostasy, when both his recent turmoil and repentance were still fresh in his mind." According to this view, an unknown wisdom teacher introduced (1:1-11) Qohelet's monologue on the meaning of life (12:8).

It does not describe the life of faith or teach what the responsibilities of faith in God are.

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