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Indeed, when she met the Doctor, she was the girlfriend of Mickey Smith, but that relationship immediately began to decay after she started travelling in the TARDIS.

As Mickey himself noted, she transferred her romantic attention to the Doctor.

Instead, the Doctor blew up her workplace and they began travelling together soon afterwards.

Without trying, she helped the Doctor work through some of the pain he had as the sole survivor of the Last Great Time War.

A future Rose who had travelled back to that same day with the Doctor was present for these events, and interacted with her infant self.

(TV: Father's Day) When Rose was twelve she begged her mother for a red bicycle for Christmas, but Jackie couldn't afford it.

(PROSE: The Feast of the Drowned) She left school aged sixteen to pursue a romantic relationship with local Jimmy Stone, which ended badly and apparently led to her lack of A levels.Rose Marion Tyler was born to Jackie and Pete Tyler around 1986.(TV: Rose, The Unquiet Dead, Dalek, Father's Day, Army of Ghosts) Her father died when hit by a car while she was still a baby.Whilst walking home with her mother, Rose stumbled into the Tenth Doctor who was dying from radiation poisoning after defeating the Master and saving Wilfred Mott.

Mistaking him for a drunk, she asked if he was all right, and told him the date when he asked.She entered into a relationship with Mickey Smith some time before 2005.

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