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But despite sitting across from Downs and subsequent host Frank Mc Gee, Today maintained an informal rule that Walters was not to ask questions of the show's 'serious' guests -- economists, philosophers, politicians -- until her male co-host had finished asking his questions, and she was not actually billed as co-host of The Today Show until 1974.In 1976 she left NBC to co-anchor The ABC Evening News with Harry Reasoner, becoming the first female to anchor a network newscast.Over three decades, Walters' specials ranged from the sublime -- she had the first joint interview with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin -- to the absurd -- she leaned forward to ask Katharine Hepburn what kind of tree she would choose to be, and asked Monica Lewinsky how she would tell her as-yet un-conceived children about her services to Bill Clinton.Walters was also co-host of 20/20, again opposite Downs, from 1984-99, and after his retirement she hosted the program either solo or with other sidekicks from 1999-2004.78 year-old Walters figures she may as well open the floodgates on her past since no one else is going to cash in on it for her.She was married and divorced three times and has plenty of stories to tell.The media coverage of this "women's liberation newscaster" was intense, and Reasoner was chilly on camera and ice cold backstage.

has the details from Barbara Walters’ upcoming book, Audition: A Memoir, which includes all the affairs she had – when she was married, when she was single with married men, and when she was single with men you might consider fug who happened to be powerful.

Barbara Walters is shown in the header on at the 2008 AARP Inspire Awards on 12/3/07, thanks to PRPhotos.

Update: I was wrong that the last time Walters cheated was with Brooke.

ABC, though, had Walters under contract, and to get their money's worth they offered a series of prime time Barbara Walters Specials, with Walters interviewing celebrities and newsmakers.

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And this became Walters' legacy -- her uncanny knack for extracting sometimes chatty, often revealing, occasionally embarrassing comments from the rich and powerful.

He owned the Latin Quarter, a small chain of prestigious night clubs in Boston, New York, and Miami Beach.

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