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Once people learn about the struggle of the Jewish people for their homeland, they must realize that we must step up our efforts to support Israel. YOU HAVE OFFERED ME A WEALTH OF INFORMATION AND RECOGNITION THAT WE WILL ENDURE. NOW I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY THE RESPONSIBILITY THAT I HAVE. Thank you so much for the absolutely superb Jewish History series.I learned much about our Jewish Heritage and have enjoyed reading each series.i have look at many web site and not enough information on this subject and i will let others know about this web site.the reason for the information i am in a religion class at the University of Phoenix and writing about a time line for Abraham to the present.the title of this article looks just like the topis of my studies and work to get the masters degree, thanks for the summary:)If there is anyone who has materials on the subject, I'd be grateful. I always had many misconceptions about the events surrounding the establishment of the State of Israel, and was very pleased to have the historical facts presented to me in such a clear and concise manner. I have read heaps of history before but the way its displayed is so refreshing and informative its forced me to think so much about my heritage and my place in the world. Thankyou for making available this informative description of Jewish history.I'm very impressed, and plan to pass on this website to others who may be interested. I am a non-Jew and, I must say, an "areligeous" person.) makes the argument stronger for the inverse relationship.

I, a Roman Catholic and a teacher, fully enjoyed learning your history,and even more about my own. It is far from boring, I appreciate the humor too......... I have found this Jewish crash course in helping me to understand my Jewish Roots It was awesome.Rabbi Spiro is also a licensed tour guide by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.He has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs such as BBC, National Geographic Channel and The History Channel.He lives near Jerusalem with his wife and five children, where he works as a senior lecturer for Aish Jerusalem.

is "a comprehensive, thoughtful and highly educational survey of Jewish history.” - Sir Martin Gilbert In one volume, Crash Course in Jewish History explores the 4,000 years of Jewish existence while answering the great questions: Why have the Jewish people been so unique, so impactful, yet so hated and so relentlessly persecuted?thanks, mags I spent two hours trying to find information about what happened in Egypt before Moses and i finally found this website. I depend upon the information you have so generously provided. It is such a pleasure to read and think about the Jewish past which has a great effect on our future.