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The system as it stands stinks, but for so many of Hugh’s ilk, it’s a boat they have no plans to rock any time soon.

The 25-year-old son of the late Duke of Westminster is likely to become one of Britain's most eligible bachelors after inheriting his father's entire £9billion estate - despite having two older sisters.

It helps more that Hugh this week inherited around £9bn in land and funds.

Hugh, let’s be honest, could resemble Groot from and would – in a dance as old as time – still have women willing to elbow each other under a combine harvester in order to marry into this gilded brood.

A statement released on behalf of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said 'their thoughts are very much with his family this morning.'Unusually for the children of hereditary peers, Hugh and his three sisters, Tamara, 36, Edwina, 34, and Viola, 23, were educated at a state primary school on The Wirral, near their home, before attending a private day school, Mostyn House.

After graduating, Hugh worked in estate management for the Grosvenor Group before becoming an accounts manager at coffee recycling firm bio-bean, which collects waste coffee grounds and converts them into biofuels and biomass pellets.

Speaking of his then infant son in 1992, the Duke had told The Independent: 'My main object will be to teach him self- discipline and a sense of duty.

He's been born with the longest silver spoon anyone can have, but he can't go through life sucking on it.

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They are pictured on their wedding day with The Duke (next to the bride), the Duchess (second from right), Hugh (between his parents) and bridesmaid Lady Viola (front row, second left)City banker Edward is Prince Charles's godson, and the brother of George's fellow godparent William van Cutsem.It should also be noted that three women staying very schtum about unfair distribution are Hugh’s three sisters, Tamara, 36, Edwina, 34, and Viola, 23, whom because of primogeniture will watch Hugh receive the title, house, lands and largest share of the family fortune, while they inherit only considerable trust funds. A clue to how the wealthy stay so very wealthy lies here in how little is said by the women “suffering” at the hands of such archaic, patronising and stridently anti-feminist law.All the female aristocrats in this liberated country are perfectly at liberty to rise up, join the revolution, reject their titles, overturn laws and shake the system in the name of gender fairness.Clearly, Corbynistas reading this may feel 2016 to be an apt point in history for Hugh Grosvenor to return the initial vast patch of what is now central London to its original owners.

He could let it loose to the ancestors of the turnip-foraging peasants from which it was initially nabbed. This is a pleasing enough idea on the surface, but also problematic. During the recent Labour coup, news crews watched Corbyn fight a one-man battle against an errant climbing plant outside his door, so I fear that maintaining Hugh’s 23,500-acre Abbeystead Estate in Lancashire may beyond Jezza’s gardening remit.William's eldest daughter Grace was a flowergirl at Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton.

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