West covina christian dating

14-May-2020 19:57

We were desperate for help, understanding, and relief.We literally felt something destroying us inwardly, confusing every thing we believed in.He was able to help my husband let his guard down and be honest, open and willing ;by the power of the Holy Spirit working through him.We did counsel for a good several months but it was do to my husbands unwillingness to be completely honest in the beginning.He has a lot of wisdom from his own life and wants couples to have the best Godly marriage possible. Out of all the people I researched in my area I found him to be the best honest, caring christian pastor for our ceremony.Our ceremony was beautiful and even though he didn't know us previous to our counseling, he took the time to get to know us and no one at the ceremony would have known we just met him a few months prior. After months with several disappointing counselors, we found Dr. Her approach is impressively different for 3 reasons: 1) she got to essence of the issue -- quickly went beyond the "superficial layers" and discovered the "issue behind the issue", 2) she is extremely fast -- after every session we experienced immediate, significant shifts and although sometimes this stuff can be difficult, she made it palatable in a way that both my husband and I appreciated 3) she does so much more than marriage counseling -- after we got through some "big" issues, she coached us to resolve a number of important business issues that we have been struggling with for some time.

I was really hesitant to find someone online but we are so thankful for Pastor Charlie. We didn't necessarily think we needed counseling because we thought we were really good at communication and we are both on the same page with everything about life but we really learned a lot from him and there were things that came up with family and stress of wedding planning that he really helped us get through.

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After visiting in meeting with a couple of other marriage counselors in the recent past I can honestly say that dr. In searching for a marriage counselor one looks for someone who is unbiased and open to both parties man and woman; and that is exactly what we found in Dr Lake. I was having trouble with my grown girls, trying to constantly please them, but feeling neglected and unappreciated.

Our first meeting proved that he was wanting to know each of us as an individual, our feelings our thoughts and what we wanted. I had long standing issues with my father, and guilt from my past marriages. Sarah helped me get my priorities straight so that I began to achieve goals for myself rather than always pleasing everyone else.

And that is what he bases his valuation and sessions off of. I started dating again, have learned to be more honest and open, and am now engaged to a wonderful man. He taught us how to be there for each other and resolve our issues in a loving and healing environment. When my friend's dad who is a pastor wasn't able to perform our ceremony we were left scrambling to find someone.I have never had any kind of councilling before but immediately felt at ease.