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07-Feb-2020 09:21

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(Photo Credit: Instagram) Both families are huge advocates of "modest" clothing, and both families don't traditionally allow women to wear pants.

Instead, the women wear jean skirts with billowy tops.

Maybe that temped you to watch to get your fundie fix. There's more to the Bates than being Duggar clones.

In fact, fans of both families have started something of a rivalry amongst them, with some firmly on Team Duggar or Team Bates.

The couple misses so much that way." Wait, that sounds "We think if a couple is old enough to think about getting married, they’re plenty old enough to learn to talk to God and each other and make some decisions for themselves.

We’re glad that our children respect us and ask our counsel about things, but I think far too often parents have a very difficult time 'letting go.' An adult child entering a serious relationship better be able to also make decisions!!

It's only been a month since the world learned that Josiah Duggar is engaged to Lauren Swanson, but it looks like the young couple is already tossing aside some of his family's most strictly-enforced rules.

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The famous Duggar dress code dictates that all unmarried women must wear skirts with hems that fall safely below their knees.However, the Duggars outdo the Bateses when it comes to grandkids.