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08-Oct-2019 23:22

Each packet would begin at some specified source node, and end at some other specified destination node.

It would wind its way through the network on an individual basis.

Its users scarcely noticed, for ARPANET’s functions not only continued but steadily improved.

The use of TCP/IP standards for computer networking is now global.

The new NSFNET set a blistering pace for technical advancement, linking newer, faster, shinier supercomputers, through thicker, faster links, upgraded and expanded, again and again, in 1986, 19.

And other government agencies leapt in: NASA, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy, each of them maintaining their own digital kingdom in the Internet confederation.

ARPANET’s users had warped the computer-sharing network into a dedicated, high-speed, federally subsidized electronic postal service.

The main traffic was not long-distance computing, but news and personal messages.

The messages themselves would be divided into packets.In the summer of 1968, experts at the RAND Corporation, America’s foremost Cold War think tank, were considering a strange strategic problem.How could the US authorities successfully communicate after a nuclear war?In fact, nobody really wanted to stop them from joining this branching complex of networks, which came to be known as “the Internet”.

In 1984 the National Science Foundation got into the act.The invention of the mailing list followed naturally.

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