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31-Dec-2019 00:43

A young woman with a short, sassy bob looks at the camera with a knowing smile."Virginia Slims," reads the slogan, "it's a woman thing."Despite the recent groundbreaking case in which a Florida court ordered Brown & Williamson to pay 0,000 in damages to a 66-year-old man who had developed lung cancer, tobacco companies in the United States, and to a lesser extent the United Kingdom, are still aggressively targeting consumers through advertising."In Britain our advertisements have to be cleverer, more a series of symbols or intelligent visual puns." Because British tobacco advertising is more oblique, it is less obviously targeted at one gender.Colin Stockall, spokesmanfor Gallaher, the company that manufactures several UK brands, including Benson & Hedges and Silk Cut, agrees that "none of our advertising is aimed specifically at men or women.I have never known the tobacco industry to run anything overwhelmingly controversial." Their view is typical in the US, where strict tobacco advertising regulations would be considered an infringement of personal freedom.

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"I feel women should be able to make their own decisions," she says "I don't like anything that feels like propaganda." Her publisher, Sandy Golinkin, agrees, saying: "There is no advertisement I have not accepted yet.

Martin Dockerell, of ASH, said: 'This has been done successfully in the States for many years and it's a relatively new development in the UK.'In the States there has been a long tradition of products marketed at women, particularly young women, with boxes that are somehow more female-friendly.'In the UK, the only legal advertising left is on the packet, so manufacturers are desperate to reach new smokers through the design of the packet.'He added: 'Packaging is extremely important marketing device and by changing the pack up can increase your market share.

They also know that smokers are highly susceptible to the packaging and the brand identity.'Silk Cut's new Super-slim purple cigarettes are thinner than conventional ones and come in a more compact box.

Though overall smoking rates are falling, the number of young people and women who smoke is rising.

This month, the British Medical Journal published the results of a survey of 7,772 16-year-olds that showed that smoking is on the increase among girls but not boys.Its campaign shows a woman in a silky evening gown, a long, thin cigarette poised elegantly between her fingers, and the line: "She's gone to Capri and she's not coming back.