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Whenever available, we also use data reported nationally for a first-order comparison with FAO data, which often assist in identifying catches likely taken in areas beyond national jurisdiction, i.e., either in EEZs of other countries or in high seas waters.The reason for this is that many national datasets do not necessarily include catches by national distant-water fleets fishing and/or landing catches elsewhere. What is covered here are catches in the waters within the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ, Figure 1) that countries have claimed since they could do this under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), or which they could claim under UNCLOS rules, but have not (such as many countries around the Mediterranean). strives to provide time-series of all marine fisheries catches since 1950, the first year that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) produced its annual compendium of global fisheries statistics.

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For most countries, the baseline data are the statistics reported by member countries to FAO.All gears that are dragged or towed across the seafloor or intensively through the water column using engine power (e.g., bottom- and mid-water trawls), no matter the size of the vessel deploying the gear are here considered 2014) and ‘baby trawlers’ (in the Philippines; Palomares and Pauly 2014) capable of long-distance fishing, i.e., in the EEZ of neighboring countries.Thus, the industrial sector can also be considered : consisting of small-scale (hand lines, gillnets etc.) and fixed gears (weirs, traps, etc.) whose catch is predominantly sold commercially (notwithstanding a small fraction of this catch being consumed or given away by the crew).In other words, we treat all countries recognized in 2010 by the international community (or acting like independent entities with regards to fisheries, e.g., the divided island of Cyprus; Ulman 2014) as having existed from 1950-2010.

This was necessary, given our emphasis on ‘places’, i.e., on time-series of catches taken from specific ecosystems. Where a boundary is in dispute, we attempt to show the claims of the respective parties where these are known to us and show areas of overlapping claims.

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