Validating xml with perl

21-Jul-2020 13:53

This example will illustrate on how to develop a simple interface using PL/SQL.The Integration Repository will recognize integrations through annotations in the code (details about annotations can be found in the Integrated SOA Gateway Developer's Guide, Appendix A).

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You'll learn; What the Document Object Model is; the interfaces that make up the DOM; how to build programs that traverse the DOM; how to access specific data inside an XML document using the DOM; how to modify an XML document using the DOM.

In this tutorial, you'll learn: how to navigate through an XML document using XPath patterns; how to build powerful expressions using XPath patterns and functions; what technologies come together to support linking in XML; how to reference document fragments with XPointer; how to link XML documents with XLink In this tutorial, we'll cover: how WML and XHTML Mobile fit into the state of the wireless web; decks and cardsthe anatomy of a WML document; formatting tags for WML text; how to provide for user entry in WML; blending WML with XHTML Mobile.

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