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Using a bearer token does not require a bearer to prove possession of cryptographic key material (proof-of-possession).

In other words, by presenting a valid token you will be automatically authenticated, without having to match or present any additional signature or details to prove it was granted to you.

One of their main advantages is that they can allow stateless applications by including the storing the required claims in the token, rather than server side in a session store.

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and the type of validations involved would be Required, Email, Password confirmation, Minimum and Maximum Length, Telephone number, Mobile Cell number, Date Format such as dd/MM/yyyy dates. Net Page with various Form Fields such as Text Box, Drop Down Lists, etc.Validators (which is a collection of IValidators) to Base Validator in order to retrieve its validation group and all controls implementing directly the IValidation without subclassing Base Validator class are skipped.

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