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I ended up homeless and on food stamps,” says Valerie, who, like most sex addicts interviewed for this story, declined to provide her real name.“I was totally out of control.”“Sex addiction” remains a controversial designation—often dismissed as a myth or providing talk-show punchlines thanks to high-profile lotharios such as Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Tiger Woods.Sarah: Well, yes, I had two people working for me who didn’t get along at all – they had no shared values, different temperaments – and they used to argue a lot, it looked like it was impossible for them to work together.So, I sat down with them, and we talked about their differences and their problems and after that, things went much more smoothly! Marcia Boardman: Ok, can you tell us about a time you had to close a particularly challenging deal?For Valerie, sex was a form of self-medication: to obliterate the anxiety, despair, and crippling fear of emotional intimacy that had haunted her since being abandoned as a child.“In order to soothe the loneliness and the fear of being unwanted, I was looking for love in all the wrong places,” she recalls.

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“Through sexually acting out, I lost two marriages and a job.We suggest you do the vocabulary activities below before you watch.Then watch the video and do the task to check your understanding.After a decade of carrying on this way, Valerie hit rock bottom.

Facing her second divorce as well as the end of an affair, she grew despondent and attempted to take her life by overdosing on prescription medication.You can read the transcript at any stage if you want. Marcia Boardman: Sarah, can you tell us a little bit about your current position?

Agora a pergunta que muitos de vocês estão a fazer é: alguma vez engatas-te uma rapariga das cameras na vida real? Mas a maioria prefere manter as interacções apenas virtuais, seja pela própria segurança e privacidade ou apenas porque os homens tendem a continuar interessados enquanto a fantasia não é realizada. Portanto, sim acontece, mas é nas cameras ao vivo que satisfaço a maioria dos meus desejos sexuais e fantasias nos dias de hoje. … continue reading »

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