Updating your nim file sets

15-Feb-2020 11:19

(Franois Lanciault) (3K) [09/10/14] 23 Bullets - Take turns to remove 23 bullets, loser takes the last one!

(20K) [12/12/02] 3D Board 4x4 - try to get 4 counters in a row, 1 or 2 players (PE) (14K) [12/12/02] 3- a version of the Psion chess program for DOS/Windows systems. To install, just unzip into a directory on your hard disk and run the program. Arnfield) (21K) 4-Game Pack - Four simple games (Musical Interlude, Wild West, Pairs and Puzzler) from Fraser Harkins (26K) [12/12/02] Anagrams game in Super BASIC (4K) [12/12/02] Analizador Aritmetico v2.1 - Solves the figures problem in Spanish TV's "Cifras y Letras" program (Pedro Reina) (36K) [12/12/02] Analyti QL - An Aries - a lunar lander game in Super BASIC (3K) [12/12/02] Attack - Shoot down the Things as they attack (3K) [12/12/02] Atomics - a game where you try to build molecules out of different atoms by sliding things around.

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(5K) [12/12/02] Breakout - Another version of breakout for the QL, from Jean-Yves Rouffiac (8K) [12/12/02] Breakout4 - Another break-a-brick-out-of-the-wall game. Sorry, no notes as to the differences between the three versions.

(Wolfgang Lenerz) (90K) [20/06/16] The source code to this game is also available in Basic Linker format from the author's website, note that several sets of extensions from his site need to be installed first to use the sources.

Battle game (35K) [12/12/02] Battleships - blast away at the computer as it tries to destroy your ships (5K) [12/12/02] Blackjack - QL version of a well known casino card game from Oliver Neef (29K) [12/12/02] Block Wall - Gianni Carugno's first QL game written in the Pascal language. If your emulator has a speed control, set it to run at QL speed if possible as this will most likely run too fast at Gold Card speed or above.

Move hexagonal cells across the board to combine 4 or more cells with the same faces to get one cell with a new face.

The game finishes if the hexagonal cell map is full.

As usual, the more the worm eats, the longer it gets. - Solves the letters problem in Spanish TV's "Cifras y Letras", finds any word within the DRAE.(Pedro Reina) (375K) [12/12/02] Camel - Cross the desert on a camel in this game (4K) [12/12/02] Catchjack - a game written in Super BASIC and based in London 1888, whereby you have to use an identikit to identify a suspec, possibly Jack The Ripper.

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