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14-Aug-2020 16:03

This tool can change the relevant registry information to point at the correct Trainz version.

Please be aware that as this tool can modify Registry information, some security software may get uptight about it.

The steps will be very similar, or the same, for the Mac version.

You can also manually trigger the update by clicking Launcher “Check for T: ANE Updates”.

Below an excerp of the n3v newsletter from the 20th of may 2017, that explain this decision : The Trainz Download Station (DLS) has 421,392 items listed for download.

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If your answer to any of the above is yes, this tool is for you.

Once the Trainz Patcher is downloaded, you may see a request to provide permission for the patcher to access your computer. Once you click yes, the updating process begins and you can follow progress in the window as shown below.

Before: The "Updating Trainz Asset Database" is appearing every time I try to launch anything from the launcher, but that's not the problem.

Note: Support tickets are generally answered in 1-3 days. The auto-patcher appears when a new update is available on the patch server.

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Note, this guide shows the Windows version of Trainz.The tool can be downloaded from here (1.1), and can be run from any folder that can be written to.