Updating hardware information database

17-Mar-2020 01:07

Basically WMI is an SQL like query language that allows you to query various aspects of the computers infrastructure.

The link provided by las appears to provide a decent example.

Something like a Hardware ID of the database server or some kind of serial of the DB Server software, which identifies this server uniquely.

Thanks Dirk STATUS; -------------- ./client/mysql Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.29, for pc-linux-gnu (i686) using readline 5.0 Connection id: 8 Current database: Current user: [email protected] SSL: Not in use Current pager: /usr/bin/less Using outfile: '' Using delimiter: ; Server version: 5.0.27-standard My SQL Community Edition - Standard (GPL) Protocol version: 10 Connection: Localhost via UNIX socket Server characterset: latin1 Db characterset: latin1 Client characterset: latin1 Conn.

the type of memory if ddr3 or later versions is categorized as unknown if there isn't , how some programs like cpu-z get this information ? But something I noticed, was that running it on Windows 64bit, the resolution shown in the program is not the same notebook, it is standard on 1024 * 768.

We will update the information for your hardware lock on our server.

From a quick overview unfolding into the depth of all hardware components.

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