Updating garmin maps using torrent

19-May-2020 10:25

For objects in the video to be played at the correct aspect ratio, the AVI file must be scaled to aspect ratio 1.33, i.e. #16 (starting at US) seems to be the best 720p version. A 512K random write speed of 1.5MBps is recommended.

When trying to identify your camera version, only use a video that you made with your 808.

Most cameras work with a class 4 card, but faster than class 4 usually does not help.

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1080p or 720p video (1600x1200 image sensor is upscaled). BGA (ball grid array) damage - The camera module image sensor chip is usually BGA. If the 808 is dropped or used in an application like an RC airplane crash, mechanical shock can damage the BGA solder which can't be repaired unless the damage is in a replaceable internal camera module (i.e.808 #16).

Great micro soldering skill is required and disconnect the camera power while solderiing.