Updating datagrid

03-Jan-2020 11:53

updating datagrid-50

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NET arena where I can force a data-rebinding by calling the Data Bind method of the object.Oh well, I solved the problem, so I'm all sorts of happy.We suggest not using frameworks for cell renderers for because of the large number of cells getting created and destroyed.Most of the time a cell will not have complex features in it, so using plain Java Script should not be a problem.If is going to stray much from my code, I would like detail and some explanation.So, I have this WPF datagrid, and it's quite happy in the way it works. Some background, I'm not doing the base behavior for editing/adding, but rather have a separate control outside the grid which is responsible for that behavior (as it is also the control responsible for adding the initial element).

Setting a high row buffer will reduce the redraw visible vertically scrolling. This is also demonstrated in the blog Streaming Updates in Java Script Datagrids that shows hundreds of thousands of updates per second.

The grid rendering is highly customised and plain Java Script cell renderers will work faster than framework equivalents.

It is still fine to use the framework version of ag-Grid (eg for setting ag-Grid properties etc) however because there are so many cells getting created and destroyed, the additional layer the frameworks add do not help performance and should be provided if you are having performance concerns.

But I was having a problem, and it was with the Grid's UI.

My changes and additions were not making their way into the UI display.What I wasn't doing with that was telling the Datagrid to look at the underlying datasource and refresh the UI from that. Yeah, I did feel a bit silly after finding that out.

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