Updating backtrack kernel Sex datin fadillah

11-Jul-2020 04:18

BT3 is distributed as an ISO image for a live CD or as a larger USB drive version in RAR format.

You can grab the image online from any of several mirrors, then either burn a bootable CD or install it on a bootable USB drive.

In the field of penetration testing, Back Track is today's premier Linux distribution.

Designed for, created by, and used by security professionals around the globe, Back Track is the result of a merger between two earlier, competing distributions -- WHAX and Auditor Security Collection.

Whether you're running from the live CD or an installed version of Back Track, a large arsenal of security tools is at your disposal.

Figure 2 shows the first level down into the Back Track menu category.

I only had to enter the IP address; the script handled all the rest for me, including the creation of an SQLite database Metasploit uses to store the results.

Then I just sat back and watched Auto Pwn run exploit after exploit trying to pwn the box.

Check the forums for threads about setting up package management.

Fast Track is a Python script (fast-track.py) written by Re L1K -- a.k.a. In addition to providing quick and easy installation and updating major applications, including itself, Fast Track has a tutorial section that includes topics such as Metasploit Auto Pwn, SQL 1433 Hacking, SQL Injection HOWTO, FTP Brute Forcer, Spawning a Shell, Exploits, and more.

At least it did until I used the script to update itself, and found the tutorial is no longer part of the latest version.

There was a presentation in February at Shmoo Con, an annual hacker convention.

At this year's National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NCCDC), it was the distro of choice for the Red Team -- the attackers -- made up of experienced security professionals.

Drilling down further into the Back Track menu, you'll find the Metasploit Framework (Frameworks 2 and 3), the Milw0rm exploit archive, Fast Track, and Inguma.