Updating an xbox 360

10-Mar-2020 11:05

Like a roaming user profile the Avatar will follow the player wherever he or she logs on.This makes the avatar the actual player in the virtual world.On June 13, 2017, during E3 2017, Microsoft announced a complete overhaul of the Avatars, providing a much greater emphasis of customization and inclusiveness, especially by adding amputees and gender neutral clothing.The new avatar system was delayed from a Fall 2017 release date to a rumoured 2018 debut "when they’re ready and no firm date or ship date has been released"The rumoured delayed release date of Avatars 2.0 is that they likely won't arrive until sometime during E3 or later.

A player can also update their Avatar's wardrobe by achieving certain goals and unlocking different clothing.

New clothes and items are added to the Avatar Marketplace every Thursday.