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Featuring E-mote system with character movement and animated H scenes! This game is going to be HUGE, if only because everyone into moe art and catgirls has SEEN these two before and wanted them -- in various meanings of the word. Vanilla and Chocolat convincingly pull off the traits of cats -- cuddling with each other and goshujin-sama, being annoyingly clingy, attacking toys, devouring food -- while doing their best to fit into human society.

Title: NEKOPARA vol.1 Genre: Slightly ecchi heartfelt neko comedy Artwork: Sayori Scenario: Yukihito Music composition: Niito Miduki Songs performed by: nao/Haruka Shimotsuki Design: KOMEWORKS This game is going to sell like hotcakes. Anyone who has ever searched for catgirls on Google images or just about anywhere else has seen Vanilla and Chocolat before. There are some glaringly obvious holes in the story (why not catboys?

She is really flexible and the way she is spreading her long legs is just amazing!

Nekopara is an excellent, professionally made visual novel.

The H scenes are splendidly animated just like the rest of the day-to-day scenes in the game, and the animation itself thanks to the E-MOTE engine is really fantastic. So much so that I purchased the other two volumes as well.

The quality may as well be hand-drawn, while the mouths, eyes, and motions all line right up perfectly with the voice acting. I'm probably one of the most guilty when it comes to holding Ctrl through the majority of eroge, and never once have I replayed a game after clearing the heroine's route I wanted. The visual novel has a very good set of tools that give you a lot of control over how it displays and works - bounciness, text display speed, text display time, etc., that add a lot to the story.

The Catgirls are waiting, nyaa~ A man will do anything to get to his porn. I found myself actually getting to know these characters and starting to care about them.

I patiently sat through, and read, somewhere around three hours worth of character building to get to the first H-scene, at least according to the counter on Steam. It's something I can say I've never experienced before when the biggest draw was catgirl H-scenes.

Up until now the were not in any games or media other than the Sayori Neko Works website. Now that it's finally here, this is going to explode like the Mc Rib Sandwich. and why do they have sex like humans but can't get pregnant?

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