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New York Premiere • Q&A with director Wong Chun, screenwriter Florence Chan, and actor Eric Tsang, who will receive the NYAFF 2017 Star Hong Kong Lifetime Achievement Award Released from rehabilitation, a former investment banker struggles with mental illness as he rekindles a relationship with his estranged father in the relentlessly upwardly mobile city.This dramatic, heartfelt directorial debut reinvents the tenement drama genre; Wong Chun stands at the vanguard of a wave of directors transforming Hong Kong cinema.Liu Yulin's first feature is that rare beast, a truly honest and perceptive film about relationships.When cuckolded husband Aiguo sets out to catch his wife having an affair, he ends up destroying two marriages.

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Boasting a rare 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, multitalented Han Han's sophomore production accelerated past the billion yuan (0 million) milestone domestically.Q&A with director Derek Hui A brilliant accident-prone chef and a foodie megalomaniac millionaire have an unfortunate yet hilarious run-in that makes them mortal adversaries.An obsessive love-hate relationship blossoms—with food standing in for sex—amidst a nonstop series of laugh-riot hi-jinks. In this tongue-in-cheek throwback to old-school Hong Kong comedies, the titular governmental department gets a new recruit in a vampire-immune virgin only for him to fall hopelessly in love with a beautiful nightwalker. Andrew Wong’s film about juvenile delinquents follows the misfortunes of young gang leader Fan (Neo Yau) after he is sentenced to three months of detention for a scuffle with a drunken cop who was publicly abusing his girlfriend.Soon her growing voyeuristic obsession gets her inextricably tangled in other people’s secret lives.

Masatoshi Nagase stars as the enigmatic Kanzaki who brings a strange electronic helmet to a somber little town.

He allows an elderly shopkeeper to try out the device, which dredges up for her long lost memories of happiness.

Not much different as adult -- need yourself, confident considerate dates needs preferences 7th graders updated march Information about what kids middle sixth, seventh, eighth graderslearn kinds social behavioral changes parents should expect plan 60 minutes lesson science radioactive helpful from.… continue reading »

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And if you're looking for love in an online dating site you must be extra-careful, because looking for love already leaves you emotionally vulnerable, but you can't let that vulnerability bleed over into other realms as well. More than 90 percent of the potential dates on are canceled subscribers, people who never subscribed, duplicates, or phantoms the company created to snare its a month subscription fee, a class action claims in Federal Court.… continue reading »

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Remember you’ll end up in someone’s in-box with only a subject line to sell you, so aim to pique their interest. “What’s your favourite obscure album track by [band you both like]? ” “What do you feel your chances are of beating me at tennis? Why should we bother writing a personal reply to a generic message? Men are often tempted to mail-shot because it seems efficient – you can contact 50 women with a generic email in the same time you’d spend writing personalised messages to just five.… continue reading »

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Antonio, who once told Harper's Bazaar he rebuffed advances from the Queen Of Pop because 'I didn't want to be Madonna's boy,' and 'wanted to have my own career,' attended the premiere with his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel.… continue reading »

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This cult British sitcom, about the lives of two dysfunctional friends who share a dingy flat in the outskirts of London, won multiple awards during its run from 2003 to 2015.… continue reading »

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"This younger generation has broken quite a bit of the barriers." In the last five years, Damascus has seen a proliferation of nightclubs that are still hopping until the early hours of the morning.… continue reading »

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