The difficulty of two celebrities dating each other

31-Dec-2019 12:00

I mean really talk – not only about what’s good but about what’s hard.THE MYTH OF THE PERFECT LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP It sometimes feels like a risk to be honest about our relationships – as if there’s an unspoken myth that all lesbian relationships are perfect and the same.brings you exclusive news on all your favourite celeb couples & their relationships.Watch this space for the best celebrity engagement rings, proposal stories, weddings and marriages, as well as all the latest on celebrity breakups and famous divorces as they happen.Even when both women are mostly or completely out, homophobia can, take its toll – because of harassment, fear of harassment, times it’s scary to be out and you pull apart from each other, rumours that get started, assumptions that are made about you, and so on.Repeatedly framing the problem as homophobia, rather than an inadequacy on the part of either women, helps to lay the blame where it belongs and instead of fighting about how to handle situations it is far better to bond over a mutual problem and find your way through it together.Friends my be dropped, separate activities cease, and the relationship becomes like a cocoon.This may feel really good to both women for awhile.

They may embrace non-monogamy, be poly-amorous, live in separate homes for years, be committed to resolving their problems while staying together for “as long as we are good together” rather than “till death do us part”, and relate to each other as equals and friends as well as lovers.How we construct our relationships is both a reflection of the wider heterosexual model as well as a reflection of our own creativity to create relationships within a void.With few or no models to look to, we are often freer than heterosexuals to create relationships of our own choosing rather than ones based on social conditioning and expectations.If ours doesn’t measure up to the ideal model, there must be something wrong with us.

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Our need to proclaim and protect our love in the context of a lesbian-hating society often feels like pressure to hide the struggles in our relationships for fear they’ll be used against us.But, in time, this total focus on each other decreases usually with one of the women expressing a need to have space.

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