Teen dating violence bill

20-Nov-2019 02:37

The bill would require school boards to explicitly prohibit teen dating violence at school events, train school district employees to identify and respond to instances of teen dating violence and instruct middle and high schools students about appropriate behavior in relationships.

“Students often feel something isn’t right about the way they’re being treated, but they’re not sure what to call it, and they don’t know enough about relationships yet to know what they’re experiencing isn’t healthy or right,” Sargent said in the release.

The court must not charge a fee for filing a complaint and motion for a restraining order against a person engaged in harassment or stalking.

End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, a group that advocates for survivors of domestic abuse, immediately heralded the bill.

“One in three teens in the US is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner, a rate that is higher than all other forms of youth violence,” Patti Seger, executive director of the organization, said.

(B) An action for a restraining order must be filed in the county in which: (1) the defendant resides when the action commences; (2) the harassment in the first or second degree or stalking occurred; or (3) the plaintiff resides if the defendant is a nonresident of the State or cannot be found.

(C) A complaint and motion for a restraining order may be filed by any person, except that if the person is an unemancipated minor under the age of eighteen, the parent, legal guardian, or person who has legal custody of the minor shall file the complaint and motion, unless the court finds to require the minor's parent, legal guardian, or person who has legal custody to file the complaint and motion would not be in the best interest of the minor The complaint must: (1) allege that the defendant is engaged in harassment in the first or second degree or stalking and must state the time, place, and manner of the acts complained of, and other facts and circumstances upon which relief is sought; (2) be verified; and (3) inform the defendant of his right to retain counsel to represent him at the hearing on the complaint.

The board, through the department, also shall make available information about other programs developed by other states upon request of a local school districtbefore September 1, 2015, the board, through the department, shall select or develop instructional units in sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention, with separate units appropriate for each age level from four-year-old kindergarten through twelfth grade The board shall also make available to districts a list of instructional materials that meet state standards and include any subjects added after the most recent cyclical review.