Teen dating violence awareness national

19-Sep-2020 03:40

The webinar reviews best practices for recruitment and ongoing engagement of team members, explores real-world examples of relationship- and trust-building strategies, and introduces a new MDT Guide and Toolkit documents, including a recruitment letter and statement of need.The “Walkthrough of the EJI Website for USDA NIFA” webinar provides an overview of the Elder Justice Initiative Website, and highlights resources that are relevant for the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.Communication itself is an intervention tool, so it is important to consider how you are sharing information.When information is shared effectively it decreases anxiety and can provide those who are affected with a sense of being supported.This session is focused on holistic and trauma-informed solutions that take into account the unique challenges and sensitivities in responding to the behavioral health needs of male survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.March’s Consultant Spotlight shines on Michelle (Shell) Schwartz, the disability services program director at the SAFE Alliance, a human services agency in Austin, Texas, serving survivors of child abuse, sexual assault and exploitation, and domestic violence.

Schwartz oversees SAFE’s disability services and abuse prevention program for youth and adults with a broad range of disabilities.

A presenter from the Social Security Administration will share the latest on representative payees; an EJI representative will talk about the Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act and new resources being developed to better respond to elder abuse; an expert from the Administration for Community Living will describe their guardianship grant programs and the importance of data collection for policy and programmatic enhancement; and the Deputy Director of the National Center on Elder Abuse will present on some of the latest trends and resources that will help you to better respond to elder abuse. The recording of our webinar, “Helping Victims of Mass Violence & Terrorism: Planning, Response, Recovery, and Resources Toolkit – Communications,” is now available.

This session provides an overview of the importance of communication in responding to incidents of mass violence and terrorism.

April's Consultant Spotlight shines on Chris Newlin, the executive director of the National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC) where he provides leadership and management and participates in national and international training and leadership activities regarding the protection of children. Newlin has provided diverse training related to the NCAC Model, the multidisciplinary response to child abuse, the international development of child advocacy centers, forensic interviewing, best practices in child abuse intervention and response, and additional child maltreatment and exploitation topics.

A recording of our March Expert Q&A session on "Assisting Male Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse" is now available for viewing, along with a copy of the Power Point, on our Expert Q&A page.The OVC Human Trafficking Grantee Spotlight highlights the work and promising practices of OVC's Human Trafficking Grantees in serving victims of human trafficking and provides a space for grantees to relate to, identify with, and further engage with one another, the anti-trafficking community, and our many allied partners. She has trained thousands of corrections officials, medical and mental health practitioners, and direct service providers in the prevention and response to sexual violence behind bars. e.t., OVC TTAC will present an online Expert Q&A discussion with Erica L. A recording of our April Expert Q&A session on “The Intersection of Stalking, Sexual Assault, and Domestic Violence” is now available for viewing, along with a copy of the Power Point, on our Expert Q&A page.