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This system – which was developed for use at 111 – is supposed to be highly sophisticated and ‘embedded’ with medical knowledge.If it is used correctly it is supposed to make it safe for call handlers who are not medically trained to make decisions about patients’ care.Christmas Day cover: Young girls at work at the call centre.The Daily Mail is not naming any of them and the faces of two have been obscured because their identities are not known.Julie Bailey, the NHS campaigner who played a key role in exposing the Mid Staffs Scandal, said: ‘Whistleblowers are still too afraid to speak up and when they do they are hounded out of the NHS … [and] was properly resourced and led by competent leaders, who don’t want mistakes swept under the carpet.’The South Western Ambulance Service Trust, which claims it ‘prides itself on being open and transparent’, yesterday said it was not willing to disclose more details of this incident, even though it admitted there had been an investigation into the blunders.A trust spokesman said six recommendations about improvements had been made following the man’s death, but refused to state what these were, saying only that they ‘relate to updating internal policy and revising training’.

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Hunter’s comment also reverberates with the Time’s Up movement currently making waves after a strong showing at the Golden Globes.

Instead, we were failed.’‘We feel the service should be staffed exclusively by fully qualified nurses, and every call centre ought to have at least one doctor on site,’ he said.

‘ It is worse to have somebody who gives you the wrong advice than to have nobody at all.’She added: ‘For people to be asleep on duty at an NHS urgent service is just totally unacceptable …

One mountain lion bit off more than it could chew when it tried to attack a hunter's decoy deer.

A video captured the moment the predator stalks up behind a fake buck and pounces.‘The 111 service should be transparent about what went wrong in this case so that lessons can be learned,’ she said.

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