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Please let us know if you see any glitches so we can fix them. A number of users are reporting that the ads are snapping to the top of the page. Many players were requesting faster loading tables.Scott's account - the first of at least 3 books dealing with Shoshone Mike - is an historical novel (I've read it twice) where the facts are true but has some reconstructed verbiage and scenes.A nicely done book that is essentially the second - though rarer - printing done privately by the author and sold by him when he was living at the Pioneer Hotel in Elko, Nevada in the mid-1960s.

It's believed the last known Tasmania Tiger died in captivity after being left out in the cold.

Fluke of a blue whale swimming in waters 80 degrees North.

This species is also listed on the endangered list in Australia.

Specifically, it is inscribed on the front loose endpaper with "To Fulton Dodds Sincerely Yours Kenneth Scott".

I know this to be his bona fide signature as I've had one other example of the 1960 Carlton Press book that was also inscribed with the same signature (see that copy in the "Sold" section down this page).

But new research shows it actually had jaws too weak to tackle anything much larger than a possum.

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