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Beginning his performing career in Ludus and Extemporary Dance Theatre, Nigel became a founder member of DV8.He formed his own company – Nigel Charnock Company in 1995 and was Artistic Director of Helsinki Dance Company from 2002 to 2005. Huge and heartfelt thanks to the following people and organisations who made the night possible: Nigel Charnock Adam Hooper, Amanda Davey, Amy Mc Gann, Andrew Charnock, Anne Viau, Arnie Somogyi, Azusa Ono, Betsy Gregory, Brendan Keaney, Brian Brady, Caroline Staunton, Chris Copland, Chris Nash, Chris Owen, Christine Allen, Dan Watson, Darren Anderson, Deborah Saban, Emilyn Claid, Francesca Moseley, Gary Clarke, George Adams, Graham Clayton-Chance, Hattie Whitehead, Hugo Glendinning, Jack Keaney, Jamie Maisey, Jannick Moth, Janusz Orlik, Jocelyn Pook, Jonathan Jewett, Karsten Tinapp, Kat Bridge, Kate Scanlan, Keir Patrick, Keiran Charnock, Kenneth Tharp, Khamlane Halsackda, Lisa Benge, Lloyd Newson, Lorna Hirst, Lorna O’Connell, Louise Lecavalier, Luke Ganz, Luke Pell, Maddy Morgan, Marie Morin, Martha Oakes, Maude Laflamme, Melanie Pappenheim, Micha Macher, Mike Winter, Morgan Cloud, Nadja Dias, Nick Mercer, Olive Kane, Patrick Brett, Patrick Lamothe, Peter Charnock, Peter Sturn, Philippe Dupeyroux, Rachel Gibson, Roswitha Chesher, Sebastian Langueneur, Steve Wald, Theo Samsworth, Tim Casson, Tim Whitehead, Timothy Hext, Tom Millar, Victoria Monaghan, Wendy Houstoun, William Samman, Yorgos Karamalegkos Candoco Dance Company, Dance Umbrella, DV8, Government of Quebec, Greenwich Dance, The Place, Trinity Laban, Volcano Theatre Company E. una buena noche caliente, sudorosa y de las que encogen los dedos de los pies. He toured Stupid Men (an ensemble of male performers) from 2006 and enjoyed an inspirational partnership with Wendy Houstoun. As a celebrated creator and performer throughout the world Nigel was simultaneously acclaimed as both “a national treasure” (Arts Council of England) and branded “the unreconstructed bad boy of physical theatre” by London Metro. A maverick and totally captivating performer, Nigel ruptured the boundaries of performance using different disciplines and media to redefine dance as a genre.His joyful, humorous, uncompromising, all-singing-and-dancing, professional working attitude has influenced and changed the lives of artists and performers across the world.

Peta: I was wondering if you would consider a list of reads that really made you laugh, like the seduction and snacks series by Tara Sivec. Witty banter, embarrassingly hilarious situations, laugh-out-loud funny. (my review of Seduction and Snacks and the The Chocolate Lovers Series Reading Order) Tangled (The Tangled Series) by Emma Chase I recommended this book on our Facebook page when Kristie asked for “…a clean, funny, love story with out too much drama” Maryse; Have you read Tangled… Which cinched that I needed to start this list, ’cause it was everything I was in the mood for, and didn’t even know it. until, she becomes his next assistant, and is subjected to his assistant-torture. The heroine is one of my absolute favorites ’cause she was just so real and sooooooo funny. I spent a Sunday afternoon in grin-mode, and by the end my cheeks were hurting. Of cours,e it’s pretty much all hate at first, as these Bradford men prove to annoy every single female-neighbor in their vicinity. And it’s such fun to go from her wanting to kick his door down and then kick his butt, to them actually becoming… Nichole agrees: “I read all three this weekend and they are hilarious.

Noches tardías, largas horas y nosotros dos siendo forzados dentro de estrecho confines...

Cada mirada es acalorada y la tensión se espesa cada vez que camino dentro de su oficina.

The Nigel Charnock Archive The Nigel Charnock advisory group are happy to make a first announcement regarding the archiving of Nigel’s work.

The Nigel Charnock Archive is an initiative to collect and preserve Nigel’s work for public access and performance research.A short section of this evening of work entitled 10 Men was previewed, to unanimous acclaim, at British Dance Edition and Duckie earlier this year.

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