Sysprep error updating registry

08-Mar-2020 20:56

sysprep error updating registry-43

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If Windows still doesn't boot, reboot with its CD and run the "fixmbr" command. Partclone is said to be much better than Partimage ntfsclone. When restoring a partition from a file in a second partition (source), by default, Clonezilla will restore the bootloader that it saved when making an image of a partition, although it's possible to tell it to only restore the partition and leave the MBR alone.

This area usually contains some data necessary for booting.

Chose 3, then 4: "No free sectors available" mkdir fdisk -l dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=440 count=1 Laptop just displays "Prepare boot to OS" for a split second, then blinking cursor. Make sure the partition is typed as "NTFS" instead of "Linux" and is marked as bootable.