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28-Oct-2019 19:04

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This is great news for short men all around the world.If you’re rich and average looking, you can snag yourself a super hot tall girl too.Anyway, if you would like to see Stacy’s awesome cleavage in action, check out the interview below.When I first saw these pictures of Stacy Keibler at Colgate’s “Wish for a Swish” event in New York City, I gotta pretty excited.The tight dress, a little cleavage — either we finally found a decent compromise or I’m just getting used to the new Stacy. » view all 11 photos It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on Stacy Keibler, mostly because once she started dating Clooney, she also stopped dressing sexy.

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Anyway, if you’re looking for a silver lining here, it’s that Stacy’s showing more cleavage in this one post than she ever did while she was with Clooney.

didn’t stay single for long after she finally called it quits with Clooney.

Because here she is going for a long romantic walk on the beach with her new boyfriend.

Not because I’ve got some weird fetish for hotties demonstrating proper oral hygiene like you perverts, but because I figured it had to mean that her and Clooney were finally through.

Why else would she be doing an event for mouthwash?Promoting a deodorant company’s lame game with an ex-basketball player?