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Many believers pray for Raphael's help to heal from emotional pain in their lives.

No matter how they have suffered the pain (such as in a traumatic event or betrayal in a relationship), Raphael can guide them through the process of healing from it.

This story is among the wisdom literature of the Bible.

Tobias wants to begin the relationship to his beloved, Sarah, whom God has given to him by an honest and truthful prayer before the marriage bed. Raphael, and taking the live ashes of incense with the heart and liver of the fish, the devil is expelled once and for all from the presence of Sarah. Before anything else takes place, he tells her to get up from bed so they may pray together, and the Lord will show his mercy upon them.

Raphael can help people change the way they think and feel about other persistent problems in their lives that they need to figure out how to navigate wisely, such as relationships with difficult people and challenging life circumstances that linger, like unemployment.

Raphael directs people's attention to their thoughts and urges them to evaluate how healthy those thoughts are, according to whether or not they reflect God's perspective.Sometimes Raphael sends people messages in their dreams to give them the healing breakthroughs they need.Some of the emotionally painful issues that Raphael often helps people heal from are: dealing with anger (figuring out the root issue and expressing anger in constructive, not destructive ways), overcoming worry (understanding what anxiety is fueling the worry and learning how to trust God to handle concerns), recovering from the breakup of a romantic relationship (letting go and moving on with hope and confidence), recovering from fatigue (learning how to manage stress better and get more rest), and healing from grief (comforting people who have lost a loved one to death and helping them adjust).Raphael can bring sins to people's attention and motivate them to confess those sins to God.

This great healing angel can also help people learn how to replace the unhealthy behaviors of those sins with healthy behaviors that move them closer to God.

Raphael clears away toxic spiritual energy that has harmed people's physical health, promoting good health in every area of the body.