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Just click on the links provided below to go directly to that author's comments. Giulio Fanti - Professor of Mechanical Engineering Paul Maloney - Archaeologist Emanuela and Maurizio Marinelli - Shroud Researchers, Educators and Authors Joseph G. Sue Benford - Shroud Researchers William Meacham - Archaeologist Kevin E. Mouraviev - Shroud Researcher Raymond Rogers - Retired Chemist and Former STURP Team Member Prof. In 1978 there was an international and ecumenical approach based on the fact that the late King Umberto - though its legal owner - was the "custodian" of the Shroud.The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the individual authors. Daniel Scavone - Emeritus Professor of History Bryan Walsh - Statistical Expert and Shroud Researcher Prof. Whanger - Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry Ian Wilson - Author and Historian Frederick T. Now the Pontiff, and all his successors, is the "owner" of this sacred linen and the Archbishop of Turin is its designated "custodian".Even charismatic TV evangelists with large Pentecostal audiences have devoted hour-long programs to "The Shroud of Mystery" Even more amazing, the host of the latter program is actively engaged in raising funds for the restoration of the Guarini Chapel devastated by the fire of 1997.Hope for continuing international participation and cooperation was rekindled in March of 2000 when a select group of forty-two (42) experts representing nine (9) countries was invited to Turin to plan for the future.Some even believe that certain tests may be able to be performed.Concerns have been expressed criticizing the techniques used during the restoration, including possible DNA contamination and overexposure to ultraviolet light sources.However, many of those attending that September weekend believe that Turin cannot and should not be allowed to be the sole authority responsible for access to and determination of future testing of the Holy Shroud.

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However, the most frequently voiced criticism continues to be over the lack of any consultation with the international scientific community before the restoration was undertaken.This might be an appropriate time to reiterate what I wrote in August when I first announced the restoration on the 2002 Late Breaking Website News page: "..have to remember that the work has been completed and is irreversible.And no amount of debate or recrimination can change that.In 1978, there was a wonderful spirit of both international and ecumenical cooperation.. In the 1970's academics from a host of denominations were drawn into the study of the Shroud.

Both of these bridges have been seriously weakened by the recent events in Turin. Third generation New Testament scholars like the late Anglican Bishop John A. Robinson became convinced of its probable authenticity, published his convictions and was even invited to participate in the final Mass following the 1978 Exposition by the then Archbishop Anastasio Ballestrero.

But the issue of management style has never been a priority of the Church.