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13-Nov-2020 08:15

Theresa May confirms the suspect package found at East Midlands did contain explosive material, 'but it is not yet clear that it was a viable explosive device. Ms May says Cobra, the UK government's emergency planning committee, met today and will meet again tomorrow.Ready to discover once-and-for-all whether X-Plane is better than FSX?

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A suspicious Fed Ex package that was sent from Yemen has been confiscated in Dubai, a company spokeswoman confirms.He added: 'What no government can guarantee is 100% success because, to use the old adage, we have to be successful every time in our counter terrorist operations, the terrorists only have to be successful once.'Mike Carrivick, chairman of the Board of Airline Representatives, which speaks for 80 UK carriers, said: 'Every time there is a new security scare, an extra layer of security is added.