Slovenija dating

26-Oct-2020 15:49

Before the lift at the reception, type the number 20 (which means you will be taken to the 20th floor) and few seconds later you will find yourself above Ljubljana in the beautiful scenery for a perfect meet up and adventure.

All the participants gather and get to know each other enjoying their welcome drink, where they can break the ice and chat before the official start of Speed Dating.

While meeting interesting people you will spend a beautiful evening with an elegant finger food and wine on the top of the highest building in Ljubljana.

INTERNATIONAL SPEED DATING is fast, fun and ideal way of meeting single people from Slovenia and foreign single people that live in Slovenia in person. Through the 7-minute conversation with each participant you will be able to acquire contacts of people with mutual sympathies.

If they did, the organizer sends to all sympathies e-mail adresses of people with mutual sympathies.

If matches between participants are not found, organizer also informes non matches via e-mail.

On your first date, you should observe the limit of intimacy.

When dating in Slovenia, you will be exposed to a variety of hot Slovenian girls.Chart contain data generated by the Slo Top50 system according to any song played during the period starting the previous Monday morning at time and ending Sunday night at .