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28-Mar-2020 15:41

Tun Dr Mahathir might have also concluded that the whole pursuit at ICJ would be a distraction from his top priority of reducing the national debt and finances.

"Besides, engaging international lawyers to fight such a high-profile case would be an expensive business.

Public hearings on both cases were scheduled over eight days next month from June 11 to 22.

Singapore filed its rebuttal on May 24 last year, contending that the documents Malaysia relied on do not satisfy the criteria for a revision application.

Malaysia applied to revise the ICJ's judgment on Feb 2 last year.

The small island of Pedra Branca - also known as Pulau Batu Puteh - houses the Horsburgh Lighthouse, and is located about 40km east of Singapore's main island.

Mr Seow, 45, the managing director of Samuel Seow Law Corporation, is well-known in the local entertainment scene for defending celebrities in legal cases.

He also runs artiste management firm Beam Artistes.

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A secretary who tried to intervene was also allegedly shoved to the ground by Mr Seow, said the police report.

Mr Seow founded Samuel Seow Law Corporation in 2005.

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