Silverlight progress bar not updating

07-Aug-2020 11:41

The file size and the elapsed time is showing normally.Searching the Telerik forums, it looks like the normal problem is the references in the web.config, but I've checked and mine look to match the suggested properties. I am running Telerik v 2011.1.315.40, Framework 4.0, and IIS 7.5.Here you can see how the various UI elements within the template are bound to the attached view model: is a control I borrowed from a Pie Chart control I created a few years back, and the simplified Grid syntax) We now have a circular Progress Bar! For a bit of fun I extended the attached view model to allow for the easy construction of circular progress bar sthat are rendered as discrete segments.The The above markup results in the following style: The sourcecode for this blog includes a few other styles, including a 'glass' effect which was borrowed from Pete Brown's blog post on Pie chart styling.

) to see how the state of these elements is updated in the to ones where the 'indicator' element has a width which is some proportion of its parent element. So what is so bad about creating your own circular progress indicator from scratch?

You can download the full sourcecode for this blog post: Circular Progress Regards, Colin E.

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