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20-Feb-2020 05:59

But other times, that power dynamic is reversed — especially when women feel obligated to perform oral sex on their partners, even though they're not actually that interested. Especially if the guy is one of those ones who push the head down and try to force you. However, I have come across two guys, and two only, that I have had absolutely no problem doing it for. I actually really love it, and when it's great with a partner, it's a staple.These are just a handful of the reasons why oral sex may one of the most emotionally complicated sex acts around. Currently, it's not much of a staple in my sex life, and it really bums me out. It's not left out of our sex life by my choice, but by his preference (I know it's not for lack of skill on my part!

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It is a lot of work for me and quite frankly, I'm not doing it unless I feel I am getting something in return.I don’t know what happened (maybe I gave too many back then?), but now he gets one maybe once every six months, if he’s lucky, and I have to be drunk.But in my new relationship, there’s no funkiness at all, so I love giving him head. My attitude on blowjobs is basically: the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Some days, I feel super confident doing them; a lot of people say it, but it really is a turn-on to see the effect it has on my partner.I think it dawned on me sometime in my 20s how much entitlement there is in our culture regarding male-centric sexual pleasure generally, and blowjobs specifically— and how many times in my life I've personally given head because I felt like it was what I was supposed to do, not because it was what I particularly wanted to do.