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19-Nov-2020 04:22

Bonus if it's got a dog sitting By the fire or a riverboat outside it.

There's not much to do apart from romp around fields or get lashed in the pub okay??

And taxis are ridiculously expensive so we'll end up waiting till the 5am bus.

Or attempt to walk it before calling your poor 'rents to pick you up.11.

Michael Palin and Ian Mc Kellen studied at Oxford so we're basically related to acting royalty.9.

We'll obviously watch the legendary Oxford vs Cambridge boat race and get very excited despite not caring about rowing any other time of the year.

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' You mean apart from the fact that I didn't get straight A's and got an E in Photography and Mummy doesn't own a vineyard and a small part of the Caribbean? If we say we loves Big Balls, we mean the alcoholic drink. Especially as that's where you'll end up after a few Big Balls in you.15.

And is in no way shape or form due to the free flowing alcohol as you lounge on a field or gawking at the rowers super muscly arms.10.

Prepare to get annoyed that the last bus from Oxford is barely 1am.

If you get offered a Moo Moo, we're not offering you drugs.

We're basically the Lewis Hamilton of the Cotsworlds.5.There is a circular meditative garden and a round pond along with a productive kitchen, cutting garden, greenhouse and herb garden.