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27-Nov-2020 12:47

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I've had to contact people on beastforum who linked to their facebooks and furaffinity profiles (furaffinity is the furry facebook), names, faces and all.

There's another strain of young guy that's "out and proud" intentionally. Old guys, the ones that haven't gotten caught and are just sociable enough, are constantly reminiscing about the 90s and the time they could do road trips to each others' houses, and invest too heavily in "trust" for the times. But most of the old guys that got caught were idiots thinking with their shriveling balls and guys naturally losing inhibition and care with age.

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On the other side of the coin, it's pretty obvious if the dog DOES want it.

My current mate is a 180lb Great Dane, leaning a bit more to the Mastiff side of things.

Go by this thread you'd think it's mostly old guys getting caught, and actually there's good reasons to think that, but some younger guys do too.

The problem early 20s guys have is they're growing up with facebook as the norm.

You can catch a few with a google filter:https:// OR beastiality OR zoophile OR zoophilia OR zoosexual OR zoosexuality&tbm=nws&tbs=sbd:1&hl=en Police dogs welcome.----------To start it off:https:// other people were preparing tax returns and visiting the post office this month, an African American elderly man was being arrested for "inappropriate relations with a dog," according to WGCL-TV in Atlanta on April 15.

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