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The police often use the existing provisions of Section 8 of the ITPA [4], which prohibit seducing or soliciting for purpose of prostitution in public place, to harass streetwalkers.The Bill when passed may amount to legalising prostitution but at least sex workers will not be harassed while soliciting with prospective customers.Police raids will increase and customers will be garrulously harassed.This means fewer clients and a tougher life for sex workers.These young women have a very ordinary dream of a peaceful life with two meals a day, sell their bodies and routinely have to face the law in its annoying, unsparing form.Existing laws allow clients caught with sex workers to be let off easily while the women are held guilty of promoting, furthering and committing moral blasphemy.There even is the possibility that the sex trade will then move underground, which may prove detrimental to the AIDS-control programme in India.

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After all this history today we get to see the sight of girls with their faces covered with dupattas and which is not uncommon to television viewers.One out of every seven people living with HIV is an Indian. [5] According to epidemiologist Tim Brown of the MAP (Monitoring the AIDS Pandemic) Network, over 60 per cent of all contacts of sex workers in a country must use condoms in order to actually roll back the epidemic.[6] "HIV infections in the so-called general population will not balloon into huge epidemics.Some of the main recommendations that are present in The Immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Amendment Bill 2005 are:- # Permits soliciting by sex workers.

# Punishment to human traffickers enhanced to 10 years' imprisonment and Rs.1 lakh fine.

The earlier repealed law, Suppression of Immoral Traffic (in women and girls) Act ( SITA) of 1956 allowed prosecution of persons other than women only if they "knowingly" or "willingly" forced women into prostitution.

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