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10-Nov-2019 16:04

"You keep her for the weekend, the moody fucking mare." The bloke laughed and raised a hand to me in farewell. "She's been a cunt all day," Nikola said with a sight before she swigged at the wine. "You smell gorgeous, Nik," I moaned as the stream burst from me. "You can fuck me on one condition," she informed me as she settled onto the sofa, growing coy when I asked her what that condition was.That was Nikola all over, she may have been to a posh school but she obviously didn't take the deportment side of her education too seriously. The first splash of urine missed the bowl, spraying off the upraised toilet seat and lid until Nikola corrected her aim. Lovely piss spurting from a cock into the toilet." Now that was as kinky as fuck, the dirtiest, sexiest thing I'd ever heard, and when those nasty words were delivered in Nikola's husky voice and rounded, plumy vowels I thought I might follow up peeing for Nikola by coming over her hand. She fixed me with a sly grin, eyes narrowing like a cat's. I all but poured the beer down my neck I was so keen to get Nikola out of those clothes and into bed. "Help yourself, but this time have a pint of water first. When I tested the weight of Nikola's boobs in my palms I groaned and then lifted one in both hands, squeezing the pliant flesh so I could then suck at one long, thick nipple.

Nikola took the day-sack and told me where to put my helmet, jacket and boots.

A fairly short one at around 4900 words but one I hope you find entertaining.