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Part of me thought she had but was just pretending she hadn't.

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Amy and I were married by then, and we were there with our son. I'd moved to Massachusetts in 1991 to go to graduate school, suspecting, even then, that I wouldn't return to L. My mother was there, and my brother and his wife, and my aunt. She was about to lose custody of my brother for various crimes he'd been committing—shoplifting, motor-vehicle theft, possession and sale of drug—and she simply couldn't concentrate on anything else. I noticed a spot of blood soaking through her jeans at the knee. I lifted her up and carried her into my mother's room. "Why don't you take off her clothes, and I'll fill the tub," I said. It sounded like the name of a character from a Victorian novel. I was always encouraging her to build model airplanes with me or to play Parcheesi, but most of the time my efforts just backfired.