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Also starring the late, great B-thespian Richard Lynch (CUT AND RUN) as a Jim Jones-style reverend who begins to avenge his creepy cult of followers from beyond-the-grave, BAD DREAMS features some frantic and ferocious special effects, plenty of tormented teens and some of the finest frights of its decade!Featuring the legendary Bruce Abbott (RE-ANIMATOR) and produced by Hollywood heavyweight Gale Anne Hurd (ALIENS), whilst featuring a screenplay from DIE HARD's Steven E.

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Four beautiful French women, who are led to believe they are vampires, are being held up in a seaside chateau.

Perhaps the most successful of all was 1976's GRIZZLY which took in mega-money upon its release and had audiences glued to their seats and avoiding natural parks for the foreseeable future!

Starring the Great Christopher George (CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD) and directed by the genius exploitation master William Girdler (DAY OF THE ANIMALS), GRIZZLY traces the bloody rampage of the titular animal who is chomping, tearing and terrorising innocent campers and showcasing a case of insatiable hunger.

Cut for an MPAA R rating: Director Andrew Fleming battled the MPAA over the scene where one of the characters is rammed by a car.

It was originally much bloodier, but he says the U. ratings board threatened to slap the film with an X rating.One by one, they are meticulously murdered by the nervous and unsure townsfolk until they are resurrected from the dead and joined by 'The Queen of the Vampires'.

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