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Only once has he ever attempted to hurt me during these (choking) but he snapped out of it quickly, and it has never happened again.Since then he's switched to a much better psychiatrist, who actually talks to him and listens rather than just writing his prescriptions and pushing him out the door, and his symptoms across the board have all improved drastically.If I were to meet and fall in love with a schizophrenic man though, I honestly have no idea. I know not all schizophrenics are the same, but he is who i have experience with.If a guy had a very long history of stable, compliant treatment i would consider it.

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Because it's a very tough disease to treat as many who suffer from it stop using their medication.

It's a horrible illness that deeply affects the lives of everyone around that person. I'll admit, it was scary sometimes when he's heard the voices really strongly, he used to have me stand on the other side of the room because he was afraid of hurting me because the voices were telling him to hurt me.